Answering Services

Our dedicated specialists provide personalized support for the needs of your business through our Quick Answer service. These personalized specialists bring a familiarity of products and services unique to your business and transform our solution from the basic answering service offered by many to your own dedicated virtual receptionist available with Call Greeter. Our dedicated specialists bring the simple things like correctly pronouncing your name and repeat customer recognition that are not always possible when using traditional answering service where your calls may be spread across thousands of agents. Contact us today to see how partnering with Call Greeter can help grow your business.

Call Center Solutions

Call Greeter is committed to providing a great experience to your customers. We are staffed to handle not only basic customer service but additional, more complex support inquiries as well such as Sales and Technical Support. Our call center solution offers the ability for larger businesses to provide great customer service using our solutions while focusing your efforts on growth and development of both your customer base and company for the future. Partnering with your account manager to develop and refine customizable scripts and call flows helps with a seamless transition to our service where your customers will feel like they are talking directly to you. Send us an email or give us a call so we can see how our Call Center Solutions can help you.

Additional Services

If you find our drive to provide great customer service attractive but don't see a solution or service listed that you feel you need, not to worry. We offer a wide range of additional services from training material development to quality assurance monitoring, sales secret shopper services, marketing efficiency tracking, and many more. We are also able to offer complete office VoIP phone solutions, after call satisfaction surveys, and campaign outreach services through other subsidiaries of our parent company, Amvensys Capital Group, LLC.

After learning about the great services and solutions that Call Greeter can offer, please continue to our Features page to take a deeper look at many of the features included in the services that we offer.