Our specialists are not only dedicated to an industry to bring confidence to your customers when referencing industry terms, but Call Greeter takes it a step further and dedicates specialists to your business. We feel that each industry not only has certain characteristics that need to be known, but that each business has specific traits that make you who you are. Don't lose your identity in a mass answering service.


Adding a live specialist familiar with your products can help increase online sales through support and clarification.

Real Estate

Help eliminate the concern of missing a potential resident call with our roll-over and after hours services.


From reservations to information about the hotel and patron requests, our genuinely polite and energetic specialists are available 24 hours a day.


From drive-through order entry to hostess reservations and directions, Call Greeter specialists can help streamline your workflow.

Legal Services

Our intelligent professionals can provide virtual receptionists services allowing your in-office staff to focus on your client's needs.

Service Providers

Does someone need a cab? Or does a leaky water heater need to be fixed? Our dedicated specialists are ready to take your calls while you focus on your customers.


Sincere and empathetic specialists dedicated to your business add a personal feeling to each interaction that takes a traditional answering service to the next level.


With Technical, Advanced Technical, and Sales support available in addition to Customer Service, Call Greeter is prepared to handle all of your calls.