Step One: Contact Us

If you like the idea of having a dedicated specialist for your calls instead of your calls going to one of hundreds of agents; if you believe that providing great customer service should be a top priority and not an acer though; if you agree with the mission, vision, and values of Call Greeter, then we are the company for you. Call or fill out a contact form, and one of our no pressure Sales Team members will partner with you to review how Call Greeter can help you. By gaining an understanding of your business, expectations, and call volume we can make recommendations that not only improve customer service and efficiencies, but can help save money too!

Step Two: Select a Service

After reviewing your needs with our Sales Team, you will receive more in depth information about the pricing and options that will best fit your needs. Our goal is to provide options that will all satisfy your needs with at least one option that we feel will improve efficiencies and reduce your current call volume. Once the options are reviewed and a decision is made, you are partnered with an Account Manager to outline the process of implementing the service. At the end of this step, you will have a complete proposal and implementation plan for your final decision.

Step Three: Seamless Transition

Based on the service selected, the development and implementation plan in the final proposal goes into effect. This plan can be as simple as developing a script that represents your business, introducing you to your dedicated specialist, and forwarding your calls to Call Greeter. The key to this stage is the open communication in the first few stages with the end goal of no surprises and a solid timeline that does not change from the final proposal. Implementation timeframes can vary depending on services selected, additional services added such as in depth IVR, and call volume.

Step Four: Continued Support

After your service is in place and you are enjoying the benefit of our high--quality customer service, our support does not stop. Your account manager provides updates and remains in contact through reports and graphs so that you will know how the service is working for you. This open communication model is important as your business evolves and expands so that high-­‐quality customer service is provided on every call while maintaining the personal characteristics that make your company unique.